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Anonymous asked:

Scorpio girl ( Nov 15 ) and a Virgo guy ( Aug 28 ) I don't know why most guys I am attracted to are Virgos. I was with one before but he didn't respect me or my boundaries but I am finding myself attracted to another Virgo and I'm kinda curious.

You are probably attracted to Virgos for the way they seem to understand your thoughts. As a Scorpio, you enjoy standing on the sidelines and keeping observations of  behaviors and interactions to yourself. Virgo does this too.

As for the Virgo that did not respect your boundaries, remember that no one Virgo is the same. There is a lot more to a personality, astrologically speaking, than sun sign. One must consider the ascendant, moon, venus, mars, etc. Of course there are factors in our physical world too that affect a personality, but those things are not what this blog is about.

As for basic compatibility, Virgo may be frustrated with your habit of keeping everything to yourself. A Virgo wants to know your secrets and discuss your feelings in an underwhelming manner. In fact, you may find that you are too passionate in your mannerisms for subtle Virgo. Virgo will no doubt be at your full service. He is willing to help in any way that he can, but your powerful emotions may just be too baffling or overwhelming for him to sort out.

This relationship has an interesting dynamic to it, because like I said, the habit of analyzing others is common to both signs. As lovers, you must learn to open up to one another.


Anonymous asked:

Will a Virgo and Virgo relationship work? :)

Hmm.. With same sign combinations, it can either be amazing or horrible.

You both understand each others needs on a basic level, however dating the same sign is like looking in a mirror, (I think I read this metaphor somewhere..?). It will reflect the best parts of your personalities, as well as the worst.

For this kind of situation, I would definitely try to find the other aspects of you and your potential lovers’ natal charts. This will help you a lot more in determining what you and your partner crave in a relationship

olivia-benson-swift asked:

so.... How about a Pisces girl (Pisces Sun &Moon, Scorpio ascendant, Venus in Aries, and Mars in Cancer) with a Aquarius guy (Moon in Capricorn, Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Aquarius)?

From what you have given me, almost all of your planets are in water signs (I’m assuming the girl is you). This tells me you have an extremely sensitive nature. Your Scorpio moon shows that your are very passionate in everything you think and do. Your likes and dislikes are powerful, there is almost no in between. You like to keep things private, which may be an issue with this partner. Your Venus, which rules relationships, tells us that in a relationship, you actually don’t mind making a move and expressing how you feel. You love to have fun with your partner and have a youthful quality in your flirting. Going back, your moon describes comfort zones, so essentially, in relationships you want fun, adventure, and enthusiasm, along with passion, romance, and emotional commitment. Mars in Cancer tells us that you seek a man who will understand your deep rooted emotions, and can empathize, while at the same time almost dote over you. You are ok with sensitivity and attachment in your partner.

As a man with a sun and mars in aquarius, he will definitely pursue you in a way that shows off his quirkiness, intelligence, and humor. He doesn’t come off as a very attached or romantically interested individual at first. Looking at the Capricorn influence in his chart, he may be extremely logical and conservative in his way of thinking. This is not a bad thing. He will be able to show you reasonability in your times of emotional breakdown without hurting your feelings. Both his moon and venus are in Capricorn. He will be hesitant to show any emotion in his personal relationships, even if he feels deeply for you, which I can’t see going over well with someone who has a strong water chart. Likewise, you will both have a problem with repressin true feelings from each other. You will both have to open up to make this work. He is loyal, and will always be there when you need him. He expects the relationship to be serious and is more than willing to commit. He likes his female counter part to be powerful, mature, and just as hardworking as he is.

If you can show him that you are responsible, and reliable individual with whom he can discuss anything, (politics, worldview, music, etc.), he will be more than willing to stay with you. Just don’t expect too much of a to- do in romance. He can provide you will emotional comfort, however you crave a lot more passion than he may be able to provide.


Anonymous asked:

Aries female and Taurus male? (:

This can be astrong match, however there are quite a few essential issues that make it unlikely to work out in the end. The Aries female will want more freedom and spontaneity than the Taurus man is willing to subject himself to. He wants a stable relationship, with closeness and romance. The chaos that follows her may be too much for him to handle. Taurus also have a habit of becoming a bit jealous, which will irritate Aries, who ironically can become quite possessive herself. All in all, the Taurus man wants someone who can take things slowly and enjoy the scenery. This is not at all to the liking of an Aries. In fact, she may even grow to find him boring and too relaxed.

If they can work out the differences (and perhaps other aspects of their charts even out), this will be a strong couple who seem to complete each other. He will be sweet, dedicated, and romantic, while not taking it over the top. She will be receptive to this, and take the lead in guiding their adventures together.

I’m so sorry about not being able to answer questions recently. I have had a stressful week: school, work, my phone broke, I got into an auto accident, etc.

Please forgive me! I will try to get a few done when I come home from work tonight!


Anonymous asked:

I know a thing or two about astrology, but i'm searching for a probably more valid second opinion...How does a Gemini like me, further reel in the Libra I am in love with? (Who by the way is completely and totally OPPOSES and afflicts ANYTHING that a Libra is SUPPOSED to be...)

Gemini and Libra are generally a good match because you are both air signs, however, from what you are telling me, you need to look into what his moon, ascendant, venus, and mars are in. The sun sign is not the only part to a personality. There are easy ways to get free natal charts on the internet, you just need to know date, place, and, if possible, time of birth.

This will help you see different aspects of him, and it will explain why he doesn’t seem to fit the bill as a Libra.

No matter how he may outwardly appear, Libras truly crave partnership. He may not be easy for you to read, but there is always someone he has in mind. As a Gemini, you make for a great conversation partner; this is something he truly appreciates. On a more surface level, know that Libras love beautiful detail. Geminis are generally good at accessorizing, so use your skills to make the outside as awesome as your personality! Like I said before, I can help you out  A LOT more if I know his other signs, particularly his moon and venus. These will tell me what and who he is most comfortable with, and what he looks for in a partner..


Anonymous asked:

I'm a Scorpio and my crush is a Pisces, is their any way to win him over?

The best way is to really, truly bond with him. He likes deep emotional connections. As a Scorpio, this bond should be easy for you. Trust him with your secrets and let him know he is the only one who knows. If you aren’t that close, show an interest in something he likes and start up the conversation. These men aren’t naturally outgoing in social aspects, so you wil have to initiate. A Pisces man does not like a girl who is rude or bossy, but he does like a girl who can give him direction. Help him with a project.

Most of all, he wants a girl with a big heart. If you can express that, then he will show an interest in you.


Anonymous asked:

Gemini girl and sagittarius man? What do you think (both sex and romance)?

This is a very interesting question because Gemini and Sagittarius are opposites in the astrological wheel. There will be a strong attraction. In romance, they are more of best friends than lovers. They are both outgoing, love to explore, have deep conversations, and neither will cling tightly to the other. They absolutely adore each other, and will likely be a happy go lucky couple. Sag, however, may easily become annoyed with Gemini who, although is a very fun playmate, doesn’t seem to have much direction in the grand scheme of things. She is the type who leaves about many unfinished projects and undeveloped ideas, and this is what irritates the Sag, who always follows through with his goal. On the other hand, Sagittarius can become to pushy with his woman. Her nature is anxious yet laid back, so any force used by her partner will make her pull away from the relationship.

Sex with this couple is great. They are both willing to explore and take their partner to the limit. He will want her to dominate quite often, and Gemini, as a versatile an lively sign, can certainly handle this task.

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